The Ancient Civilizations of Central and South America Essay

The Ancient Civilizations of Central and South America Essay

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The Ancient Civilizations of Central and South America

Central and South America was once home to some of the ancient world's
most magnificent and glorious civilizations. The Incas, Aztecs, and
Mayas were just three of these civilizations. These civilizations
ruled the area for many years, and flourished greatly in their own
different ways. They were the cause for much advancement in arts,
architecture, politics, religion, and society in the world. These
civilizations created pyramids, temples, and monuments in honor of
their gods and rulers. Their people proved to be intellectually
advanced, and they were able to successfully create calendars,
alphabets, and predict solar eclipses. They all developed differently
from each other but shared one thing in common, the fact that they
were all highly successful. It took a great many years to finally
bring an end to these civilizations. Many attacks and assaults from
the Spanish conquistadors, European diseases, and selfish kings to
finally bring an end to their influence on the world.

The Aztecs were the first major civilization to rule the area of
Central and South America. They are also sometimes known as the
Mexicas, but we refer to them the Aztecs. They might not have been a
huge empire when they began, and never really had the land area that
many empires of their time could boast, but nevertheless had a great
influence on Europe and Spain in particular. The Aztec Empire also
ranges to the Aztec Triple Alliance. The Aztec Triple Alliance was a
group of three tribes that were brought together for military
purposes. The Mexicas, Acolhuas, and Tepanecas made up this particular

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...on the region. Their cultures and civilizations are remembered by many
people even until now. These civilizations will always remain in my
mind as the greatest ever. I learned a lot from doing this research
report and I hope you learn just as much from reading it.


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