Essay about Capital Punishment is Wrong

Essay about Capital Punishment is Wrong

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Capital Punishment is Wrong

Lethal injection, electrocution, hanging, beheading, stoning. Just
some of the ways used to murder people in many countries across the
world. But the difference with these murders is that they are
committed by the state, they are given the name "capital punishment".
The claim is that they are justified as a means of punishment, but can
intentional killings ever be justified? Or is, as I believe, murder
simply murder no matter what the reasons behind it are?

Capital punishment does not work as a deterrent, this is proven fact.
A survey conducted by the United Nations in 1988 and again in 1996,
failed to find a single piece of evidence to support the claim that a
prospective murderer wouldn't murder simply because of his or her
countries use of the death penalty. Are we really to believe that cold
hearted, psychopathic killers think about the consequences of their
actions? Of course they don't, they just kill. The United States of
America, for example, is one of the top four countries in the world in
terms of its use of capital punishment, yet its murder rate is also
one of the highest. This doesn't look to me as though it is working as
a deterrent. Compare this to America's neighbour to the north, Canada,
where the death penalty was abolished in 1976. Since it was abolished,
the murder rate has steadily declined, and is now at an all time low.
How can two countries, so close in terms of their geography and way of
lives, have two so very different murder rates? Could it be that in
the Americans use of the death penalty, far from discouraging murder,
they are simply condoning it, so their citizens see no pro...

... middle of paper ...

...atives would want the offender dead, that is human
nature, but they aren't in the position to separate justice from sheer

The next time you read about a murder, think about what the punishment
should be. Should the murderer be made to languish in prison for the
rest of their life, to be made to reflect on the lives they have
destroyed through their sick actions, and to face the scorn of
society? Or should they be put out of their misery, giving them a
release from the years of the guilt, the blame and the nightmares?
Should society treat them as a lesser being, refusing to be dragged
down to their level and acting in a manner befitting a civilised
country? Or should it degrade itself by behaving in the very same
manner it has condemned? Capital punishment is wrong, and has no place
in our modern world.

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