Mahatma Gandhi's Autobiography Essay

Mahatma Gandhi's Autobiography Essay

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Gandhi's Autobiography

Gandhi's autobiography is in many ways unconventional and certainly
not what I expected from such a renown figure in history. Firstly, the
book does not cover a large portion if his politically active life, as
Gandhi lived for approximately another twenty years after the events
he describes. Gandhi wrote this book in the language of Gujarati (to
promote the use of Hindi and Gujarati), it has been translated
although left unedited in this edition. The subtitle of the book is
very appropriate, in that this book is not a 'history' book mapping
out the political and social struggles of Gandhi, but rather a
self-reflection on his life, told through a series of experiments.

A large part of this book consists of Gandhi's own personal struggles
and self-discovery. He attempts to attain moksha (release from the
cycle of samsara) by finding truth, as he believes that this is the
only path to God. Ghandi adopts the policy of bramacharya (celibacy)
and also what he is most well known for, the way of ahimsa
(non-violence). From his early recollection of family ties and a child
marriage aged only thirteen, Gandhi continues to give the reader an
insight into his thoughts on relationships, friends and family. His
personal philosophy of taking nothing for granted shows clearly
through the pages of this book. Gandhi experiences everything for
himself and this book is a clear reflection of how, it was only
through experimenting and exploring different lifestyles, religions
and theologies, that his own personal philosophy and spirituality
developed. This autobiography is a painfully honest one. Gandhi lays
out his faults and ...

... middle of paper ...

...oject a
certain image of himself.

Ghandi says that he would rather be remembered for his actions than
for what he said or what he wrote. If this book is judged on the
issues it raises rather than the prose it is written in, it has to be
one of the more challenging yet profound books that I have read. It
provides a great insight into philosophy, human nature and politics.
In addition to this, it explores the rich culture of India;
traditions, religions and history. Although in the end Gandhi returns
to his roots, of Hinduism, Indian culture and vegetarianism, he does
not insinuate that this is the only 'path to truth', but rather that
it is through exploring and understanding different cultures and
traditions that we can find our own path in life. This book reflects
how Gandhi was a true 'Mahatama' - a great soul.

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