Poem Comparison of Mr bleaney by Philip Larkin and In Memory of My Grandfather by Edward Storey

Poem Comparison of Mr bleaney by Philip Larkin and In Memory of My Grandfather by Edward Storey

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Poem Comparison of Mr bleaney by Philip Larkin and In Memory of My Grandfather by Edward Storey

The two poems that will be conveyed and compared will be 'Mr Bleaney'
(by Philip Larkin) & 'In Memory of My Grandfather' (by Edward Storey).
Both verses describe the character of the poem. The character in the
poem on the Grandfather has admiration, but Mr Bleaney is disturbed.
In this essay I will compare the character, poets feelings and
attitude to each man. Furthermore, the similarities and differences in
structure, language and image between the two poems will be compared
and lastly my preference and emotional responses.

To begin with what each poem is about. Mr Bleaney is a descriptive and
narrative verse. There are two voices the landlady's and the poets, Mr
Bleaney is given in the view of the depressed lyricist. Mr Bleaney is
given the life of the writer through his lonely years. It is about a
man named Mr Bleaney who lives through a lacklustre yet ordinary life,
but the place he lives in is shown through a kitsch light. On the
other hand the Grandfather is compared to a tree and the whole poem
has the description of his appearance through the grandson's

Now I shall move on to the characters. Mr Bleaney has a sad life
because he lives in a place called 'The Bodies.' The word body is used
when someone is departed. So this means who ever lives in this house
is nobody. They are metaphorically deceased. The poet describes Mr
Bleaney using environments and surroundings. He suggests Mr Bleaney is
not intellectual, 'sixty watt bulb' very dim, has a restricted life.
Additionally he has no possessions of his own, 'behind ...

... middle of paper ...

...uthor achieved his expectations of the character by evaluating him
with a tree, 'his voice rough as the bark of his cracked hands.' So
both artists have achieved their prospect to an extent.

The reactions and images that I received from this poem vary from the
writer. My preference is that I had learnt a lesson from the Mr
Bleaney's poem is 'we treat ourselves the way we tell other people to
treat us.' The grandfather poem did not give me many lessons except
that he is the most respected character in the lyric and the whole
sonnet is personified, with the tree. Additionally I blemished many
disparity and distinction between the poems. There weren't numerous
resemblances though. In conclusion the Mr Bleaney has told me he was a
lonely and a middle class man, but the grandfather was a free sprit
and lived life his way.

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