Essay about Exploring Revelation

Essay about Exploring Revelation

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Exploring Revelation

What is revelation? There are many different uses of the word
revelation. It can be the speech act of making something evident, an
enlightening or astonishing disclosure or a communication of knowledge
to man by a divine or supernatural agency.

The last book of the New Testament contains visionary descriptions of
heaven and of conflicts between good and evil and of the end of the
world. The author of this book tells us his name is John. However, the
John of Revelation does not claim to be a disciple or to have known
Jesus. Scholars have said that John of Revelation was a significant
figure in the early church in the Roman province of Asia Minor. The
Book of Revelation contains some vivid and disturbing imagery, and
many scholars describe it as an angry text. This anger has
traditionally been understood to be directed at the Romans for their
persecution of the early Christians. The Roman belief of many God's
and Goddesses was blasphemy to the early Christians who believed in
one God. Academics bel...

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