Rita's Development as a Character in Educating Rita Essay example

Rita's Development as a Character in Educating Rita Essay example

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Rita's Development as a Character in Educating Rita

Despite the fact that this play was written 25 years ago we can say
that the message about education giving choices is still relevant
today. During the course of the play Rita shows how she can achieve
what she wanted. We can clearly notice the drastic change there is in
different aspects of her between Act 1 Scene 1 and Act 2 Scene 7. Some
of these aspects are her attitude, her language, her educational
development, her physical appearance and her personal life.

Right at the beginning of the play Rita depends a lot on her family
and husband. They become an obstacle to her when she can't follow her
ambition because of their working class values. They say she should
stop thinking about being an educated woman and concentrate more on
making a family.

"Denny found out I was on the pill again… he burnt all me books."

This is an example of how her husband doesn't like her learning and
how she is dismissing the idea of having children because of that. It
even gets to a point where he burns all her books.

In the play, there is a symbolic meaning in the way she struggles to
open the door of Frank's office the first time she goes in. This is a
way of showing how her learning is going to be difficult: "(from the
doorway): I'm coming in aren't I? It's that stupid bleedin' handle on
the door. You wanna get it fixed!" Later in the play we can see how
she tries to oil the door: "is standing in the doorway, holding a
small can of oil" This shows how she is determined to learn and it's
also another symbolic way of saying that she is going to use every
device she can to achieve her goal...

... middle of paper ...

...l to follow, which is why she changed her name from
Susan to Rita ( after Rita Mae Brown) on the first place. At one point
she also changes her accent to sound more "sophisticated". These are
clear signs of her lack of self confidence. By the end of the play she
discovers herself truly and even considers doing what was trapping her
before. These were things like having a baby or going to her mother's.

Overall, we can say that Rita makes a drastic change in all the
aspects mentioned above during the course of the play. In the end we
can see a totally different Rita who has achieved her goal and that
although she has come full circle she is quite different to the
original Rita. Even if you didn't know that Russell based the play in
his own life the message about education giving choices is transmitted
very effectively.

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