Why Henry Tudor was Successful in Usurping the English Throne in 1485 Essay examples

Why Henry Tudor was Successful in Usurping the English Throne in 1485 Essay examples

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Why Henry Tudor was Successful in Usurping the English Throne in 1485

Henry Tudor had a very weak claim to the English throne. Yet in 1485,
after defeating Richard ΙΙΙ at the Battle of Bosworth, he was
pronounced King.

Henry's claim came from his mother, Margaret Beaufort's side, as her
great grand-father, John of Gaunt, was a son of Edward ΙΙΙ. However,
at the time the legitimacy of Gaunt's descendants was dubious as it
was accused that Catherine Swynford was in fact his mistress
condemning their child and Henry's grandfather as illegitimate.
Although during Richard ΙΙ reign their son, John Beaufort, was
legitimised but did not become king due to a later act of Parliament.
Therefore not only was Henry's claim considered to descend through the
weaker female side of the family, but it was highly questionable that
it was even legitimate. There were also many who had a much stronger
claim such as, John Earl of Lincoln and Edmund Earl of Suffolk.

Due to the careful, tactful planning and protection of Henry by to his
uncle, Jasper Tudor, the right steps were taken from a young age that
later enabled Henry to become king.

In 1462, guardianship of Henry was sold for £1000 to Lord Herbert, who
imprisoned him within his household in Wales yet educated and treated
him as though he were a potential son-in-law. This education greatly
benefited Henry and most likely added to the success of his usurpation
planning. However, in 1489 Herbert was executed and Henry regained
power, forcing Henry Tudor into a vulnerable position as the main
other Lancastrian claimant to the throne. Giving Henry the opportunity
to escape capture, Jaspe...

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...moment came when Richard made a direct charge at Henry causing Sir
William Stanley's army to rush to his rescue. With the crucial aid of
the Stanleys the battle was won, Richard was slaughtered and the
remaining Yorkists fled. Sir William Stanley crowned Henry on the
conclusion of the battle and Richard's naked body was paraded back to

It was Henry Tudor's "political wisdom", "notable" experience and his
"dealing in time of perils and dangers" with, "great hardiness" (John
Fisher, Bishop of Rochester) that greatly contributed to his success
in obtaining the English throne. The support, guidance and military
expertise form Jasper Tudor along with the financial help from the
French king and the support not only from loyal Lancastrians but from
the rebel Yorkists, also aided Henry in usurping the throne in 1485.

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