Wealth and Poverty in Islam Essay

Wealth and Poverty in Islam Essay

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Wealth and Poverty in Islam

Islam gives great importance to the dignity of each individual human
being. It therefore stands for the banishment of poverty and
organisation of economic life in a manner that the basic needs of all
human beings are met. Since Islam is opposed to regimentation it seeks
to achieve this purpose through influencing the behaviour pattern of
the members of the society in particular directions and activation of
a number of the authorities to justly distribute wealth. Islam stands
for the elimination of all class distinctions and equal regard for all
human beings. This does not; however call for the elimination of all
inequalities of income and wealth. In fact, inequalities serving a
functional purpose are held to be fully justifiable.

Allah wants all humans to have the same rights; this was expressed
through his prophets and messengers and also in the Quraan where he
(SWT) said:

"And we have sent our messengers with the truth and we have sent down
with them the book and the scale so that people may be fair"

This Ayah clearly shows that Allah gives humans rights and also the
apparatus by which these rights are fulfilled and ensured.

These rights are many, some of which the UN has taken to be the rights
of a human like the right to have a name for example. One of the
rights Allah has given all humans is the right to get all basic needs
(e.g. food, clothes etc.) from the money of the rich.

Islam requires the fulfilment of all basic needs for every human being
in the society, irrespectable of their religion, culture or level in
community. Allah (SWT) says:

"And if you (man) count the blessings an...

... middle of paper ...

...ah and his messenger want people to give
money to the poor and needy to satisfy at least their basic needs.

Also opportunities are limited and these limited opportunities are
taken by the rich who only think of increasing their money.

I think that it is true that a person is rich because of his hard work
but he has to also help the poor from what Allah has bestowed upon him
to help the poor. And he has to remember that Allah is able to take
away what he has whenever he wants. And it is true that a person has
to give but he cannot eradicate all poverty. So a person can be rich
as long as he helps the poor as much as he can.

The resources I used where: Islam, poverty and income distribution By
Ziauddin Ahmed

The principles of the Islamic Economic SystemBy Yusuf Kamal

Islam in focusBy Hammudah 'Abd al 'Ati

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