George Orwell's Use of Language Techniques to Represent Power in Animal Farm

George Orwell's Use of Language Techniques to Represent Power in Animal Farm

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George Orwell's Use of Language Techniques to Represent Power in Animal Farm

"Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely"; and this is
eloquently proved in George Orwell's novel 'Animal Farm.' In this
satirical fable, Orwell uses his allegorical farm to candidly
illustrate the corruptive nature of power and to symbolise the
communist system in the microcosm of a farmyard barn.

George Orwell was the pen name of Eric Blair, a British political
novelist and essayist. He was also a socialist but he criticized the
right (fascists and capitalists) as freely as he criticized the left
(anarchists, socialists, and communists). Orwell used his writings
mainly to expose the negative effects that political systems could
have on people - harsh forms of control, manipulation, and repression.
Even though Animal Farm was based on the Russian Revolution,
particularly directed against Stalin's Russia, it is more meaningfully
an anatomy of all political revolutions, where the revolutionary
ideals of justice, equality, and fraternity shatter in the event.

The story of Animal Farm tells of "a revolution that went wrong." One
night Old Major, an old pig preached of freedom and equality for all
animals as well as independence from humans to his fellow animal
comrades. He introduced to them the 'Beasts of England' song, which
inspired rebellion and soon afterwards, he died. The carthorse Boxer
devoted himself to the cause, committing his great strength to the
prosperity of the farm and adapting as a personal motto " I will work
harder." Led by the pigs, the animals on the Mr. Jones's oppressed
farm carryout a provoked revolt against their hum...

... middle of paper ...

egalitarian principles. At first the farm prospers but then, the pig
leaders were corrupted by the power and turn on their fellow
"comrades" eliminating competitors through propaganda and bloodshed.
In the end, as the animals looked from human to pig, pig to human,
they could see no difference.

To conclude, the discourse of power is represented in this text is
many different ways. A wide range of language techniques were utilised
in Animal Farm, such as political speeches, songs, votes, laws,
punishments etc. Orwell uses techniques such as persuasive language,
dramatic irony and the structure of "Animal Farm" to build these
messages about the corruption and abuse of power. "Power corrupts, but
absolute power corrupts absolutely." Indeed this quote is proved
accurate throughout George Orwell's novel, Animal Farm.

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