Response to Live Performance: The Play What I Wrote Essay

Response to Live Performance: The Play What I Wrote Essay

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Response to Live Performance: The Play What I Wrote

Character Review: Toby Sedgwick (stage character Arthur)

Albeit the production consisted of a scarce number of actors, Toby
Sedgwick's dynamic performance compensated, due to the way in which he
effectively portrayed an astonishing broad spectrum of characters.
These characters varied greatly in presence, from absent-minded Arthur
who dreamed of playing the harmonic no matter what the circumstances
may have been, to the idiosyncratic stage manger.

Despite the significance of each character; whether it being merely an
addition to the main characters; Jo and Ben, or the focus of the
scene, Toby always possessed a remarkable presence, which was able to
divert on eyes onto him. This factor was what distinguished Toby from
the other actors in the productions, as every movement and every sound
he made was directly related to his character, showing that he had put
considerable thought into each individual character and in which way
would their characterisations be at the utmost effect to the audience.

To elaborate on this, there were a range of moments in the play in
which Toby's characterisations made great impact on the responses of
the audience. For example, during Toby's part as the bizarre stage
manager, rather than his words alone, it was his body movements that
made Arthur a memorable character. This was as he began to move in a
rubber-like manner, suitable to make even the most reserved members of
the audience holler and wail in laughter. An alternative time soon
after, Toby managed to epitomize the mannerisms of a woman perfectly,
from the totter on the highest heels, to...

... middle of paper ...

...e I feel that Joseph Alessi portrayed his character well,
however there is room for improvement. Unlike Toby's performance,
personally I feel that Joseph did not fill the entire stage with his
presence. This may be due to the fact that his eye level was rather
more restrictive than Toby's, as he focused more on communicating with
the 'dress circle', that involving the upper area in the action. Also,
his tonal quality was rather monotonous compared to Arthur's varied
tones. On a more positive note, I feel that Jo used the space around
him more wisely than Toby, as vast movement helped Jo's character to
be as interesting as it was. In conclusion I believe that even with
the imperfections in the performances, Toby and Joseph alike both gave
enjoyable performances, although Toby's was more memorable than the
other actors'.

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