Essay on The Nature of Discipleship

Essay on The Nature of Discipleship

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The Nature of Discipleship

It might be of value here if we considered briefly the nature of
discipleship. It is a word in constant use among aspirants in
Christian lands, as in the oriental religions. Discipleship could be
defined as the final stage of the path of evolution, and as that
period in a man's experience in which he is definitely self-conscious.
It is the stage in which he knowingly pledges himself to impose the
will of the soul (which is essentially the will of God) upon the lower
nature. Upon this path he submits himself to a forcing process, so
that the flower of the soul can unfold more quickly. The inevitability
of human perfection underlies his willingness to make the attempt to
tread the path. This perfection can be attained in two ways. It can be
the result of slow and steady evolutionary growth, carried forward
under nature's laws, cycle after cycle, until gradually the hidden God
can be seen in man and in the universe. Or, it can be the result [6]
of systematized application and discipline on the part of the
aspirant, producing a more rapid unfoldment of the power and life of
the soul.

In one analysis of discipleship, it has been defined as "a psychic
resolvent, which eats away all dross and leaves only the pure gold
behind." It is a process of refining, of sublimation and of
transmutation, carried steadily forward until at length the Mount of
Transfiguration and of Illumination is attained. The hidden mysteries
and the forces, latent in human beings, need to be discovered and
require to be utilized in a divine manner and in line with divine
purpose, intelligently apprehended. When they have thus been utiliz...

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... our Lord Jesus
Christ, and making disciples.

º All who are walking in obedient faith to Jesus Christ and are born
of His Spirit are members of His Church. Therefore, membership in an
organization is irrelevant. Staying in fellowship with Christ, obeying
His Words and being directly accountable to Him is the essence of
being the church.

If you have found institutional Christianity lacking and have departed
from that context in order to more fully follow Jesus and do His will,
we would like to hear from you: both those who were known as "laymen",
and those who once served as "clergy". If that applies to you, and you
are pursuing God's righteousness and His Kingdom by the empowerment of
the Holy Spirit, please use the contact form to introduce yourself. We
desire fellowship with those of like mind and like faith.

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