Essay on The Weimar Republic's Recovery by 1929

Essay on The Weimar Republic's Recovery by 1929

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The Weimar Republic's Recovery by 1929

From 1919 until 1924 the Weimar Republic had somehow managed to
survive political, economic and foreign policy problems. This was
followed by a period of stability and apparent prosperity until 1929,
but I am cautious about the extent to which the Weimar Republic
recovered by 1929. There are three main problematic areas; political,
economic and foreign policy.

There were many economic problems that Germany needed to resolve.
Germany was left completely bankrupt after World War I and the Treaty
of Versailles, which meant that she had to pay reparations of £6, 600
million. In 1923, the new leader, Stresemann made important economic
changes that were key to economic recovery. He remained influential as
foreign minister until his death in 1929. He established a new
currency. Hyperinflation had made the currency marks, practically
worthless so a new unit of money was introduced based on the value of
all the land within Germany. People accepted this new Rentenmark while
the Dawes Plan (1924) provided loans from America of 800 million marks
and introduced the Young Plan (1929) which gave Germany more time to
make reparation payments - this helped the economy to become stable.Germany
was also producing and exporting many goods, which was bringing money
into the country and gave jobs to some of the unemployed.

However, there were still problems that had to be tackled. The
recovery was dependant on America and the money that the USA had
loaned Germany was yet another loan and would eventually have to be
repaid. There was rising unemployment and the middle classes savings
were gone during hyperinfla...

... middle of paper ...

...rn border
with France but no mention was made of the eastern boundariesand that
lead to Germany entering the League of Nations 1926 and this showed
that Germany wanted to make allies. The Young Plan gave them another
chance to pay back reparations as it gave them more time to do so.

In general I think that foreign policy recovered substantially because
Germany had started to make amends, she was paying reparations, making
allies and agreeing to treaties. Although she is making good recovery
I think that to have total revival all three areas have to be
completely recover y.

I think that the recovery was good for the time being and could help
them make a full recovery but in the long run I don't think that they
recovered very significantly. I think that Germany has a long way to
go before she has recovered fully.

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