Richard III a Tyrant as King Essay

Richard III a Tyrant as King Essay

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Richard III a Tyrant as King

Throughout history, this very title has been disputed and the outcome
has remained debatable to this very day.

Richard, Duke of York had remained loyal to his brother, Edward IV
throughout his years of reign, and had been well rewarded for his
support, he became the Duke of Gloucester. In marrying Anne Neville,
daughter of Earl of Warwick, he had inherited mass amounts of Neville
land in the north of England after both the Earl and Anne died. He was
respected within the northern parts of England and provided land for
his friends. He was an able man who showed signs of being an efficient
king amidst the preoccupations of the rebellions, sadly he went about
it the wrong way.

On the death of the king, Edward's eldest son, then only 12 years old,
was proclaimed king as Edward V. It was due to this, with the aid of
Henry Stafford, second duke of Buckingham, Richard seized custody of
the young king and was able to assume the protectorship.

Richard's rise to power has been cloaked with many secrets. One belief
Richard had was that Edward V, his nephew could be swayed by the
Woodville's to their advantage. As Edward V mother had been a
Woodville herself, Elizabeth Woodville, it could be argued that the
Woodville's had a right to influence the King. But Richard eventually
replaced Edward V and was crowned king in July 1483 after claiming the
illegitimacy of Edward IV's son's, but was this idea of his enough to
take the crown. Richard also counter-claimed that as the young Kings
uncle he should be the rightful protector of him.

Perhaps Richard was power hungry and when he saw a chance to take
seize t...

... middle of paper ...

...out a battle of conscience;
Richard refuses to accept he even has a conscience, another sign that
he is rooted in pure evil. Although he collapses mentally the night
before the battle at Bosworth, he finds that he is forced to confront
the reality of something he chose to ignore. It can be argued that
this lack of acceptance led to his downfall.

Richard did show on many occurrences that he was not a tyrant. He was
a normal man with a slight deformity of a humped back. His labour for
religion and to the financial state of England shows this fact.
However Richards route to power does point out a deeper, more
mysterious side to his character. An attribute of the tyrant King is
the seize of the thrown without proper reason or motive. But I do not
believe that Richard III of England was as history makes him out to

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