Essay on Nair's Techniques in film Monsoon Wedding

Essay on Nair's Techniques in film Monsoon Wedding

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Nair's Techniques in film "Monsoon Wedding"

Mira Nair directed the 2000 film 'Monsoon Wedding' with the intention
of making it a Bollywood film on her own terms. Through watching the
film, it becomes evident that this was mixing traditional ideals of
Indian Bollywood together with the modern elements of the West, such
as those depicted in particular in Hollywood films, the Western
equivalent of the Bollywood film industry although on not so large a
scale. Nair spent the latter part of her further education in the
United States of America, attending Harvard University, where her more
modern ethics, compared to the conventional Indian principles she was
brought up with, were developed and thus came to influence her works.

She achieves her aim through the use of cinematic techniques, one of
which is music, also effectively using diegetic and non - diegetic
sound; non - diegetic predominantly to symbolise the traditional
Bollywood theme and diegetic to symbolise the modern Hollywood theme.
The opening credits immediately indicate to those expecting a
Bollywood film, or a more orthodox Indian film, that this was
something completely different. The music used incorporates
traditional Indian instruments, such as tablas, Indian drums, but uses
them in a Western way; the underlying bass is a traditional Indian
beat but remixed on top are Western - influenced beats which increase
both the pace and tempo of the piece. The melody, complementing the
upbeat percussion, is also very cheerful; this contrasts greatly to a
large majority of Bollywood films, which tend to begin with very slow,
mournful tunes, tending not to include percussion at all...

... middle of paper ...

fragmented by the interruptions of song and dance, lending a sense of

I believe Mira Nair successfully achieved her aim to make a Bollywood
film on her own terms. As a director, she effectively combined the
techniques of sound, editing, costume, colour and location to produce
a fairly unique Bollywood film. Her message of the continuing
modernisation of India, and her criticisms of both the societies she
illustrates in the film comes across clearly, as do the more
controversial points she brings up that Bollywood, as a film industry,
does not typically address. Its appeal and effectiveness can be
measured by the huge range of global audiences it has attracted, both
Western and Eastern, which indicates that she accomplished her goal of
making a realistic movie, breaking the traditional Bollywood mould.

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