The Presentation of Bullies in Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens Essay

The Presentation of Bullies in Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens Essay

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The Presentation of Bullies in Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens wrote the novel "Oliver Twist" as a way of expressing
his views on how the rich treated the poor, and how he felt about the
laws regarding the poor. At the time there was a huge gap between the
rich and the poor due to industrialisation. This meant that the poor
were left to survive in unpleasant, overcrowded conditions, and were
treated harshly by the rich. Dickens felt strongly about this
situation and wrote "Oliver Twist" with the intention of changing the
public's attitude towards the poor. He uses wit, sarcasm,
exaggeration, and emotional and deceptive writing to get his points
and feelings across to the reader. Dickens uses a variety of
techniques to expose Victorian Society's awful treatment of children
of the poor.

When we are first introduced to Mr Bumble or 'the beadle', we
immediately see him as a bully, due to the way in which Dickens
describes him, "Mr Bumble was a fat man, and a choleric," this quote
is also highlighting Oliver's starvation, by showing how well Mr
Bumble is fed. From the outset we see the bad tempered side of Mr
Bumble, and we realise that he has outbursts of anger, "…he gave the
little wicket a tremendous shake, and then bestowed upon a kick…"

Although Mr Bumble is seen as a bully, the function of his character
within this novel is to create humour and to allow Dickens to
criticise the authorities of the time. The way in which humour is
created is through his use, of malapropisms, "I inwented it," Mr
Bumble often misuses words or mixes up long words, and this highlights
his lack of education, although he does atte...

... middle of paper ... times in his life presents Oliver as a much more complex and
three-dimensional character than we would at first assume. Oliver's
loving and determined nature is unaffected by the environments he
finds himself in, and in spite of all the difficulties he experiences,
he remains upright and virtuous. We see Oliver mature from an innocent
victim of the workhouse to a worthy young gentleman.

The reason Oliver is bullied is because he is seen as a lower class
within society than everyone else, this is due to being an orphan and
because his mother was thought to have been a prostitute. Even a
charity boy bullies Oliver.

Overall Oliver is seen as the hero, despite being forced into a life
of crime. All those who have done wrong pay the price, by loosing
their life, but the innocent shine through and survive, victorious.

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