Sympathy for the Main Character in Sophocles' Antigone Essay

Sympathy for the Main Character in Sophocles' Antigone Essay

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Sympathy for the Main Character in Sophocles' Antigone Sophocles' play is named after its main character, Antigone, and for
one the first times in Greek Tragedy it is a woman. In this play,
Antigone is clearly the protagonist, as she is showed in her grief,
seems sympathetic and the reader or spectator sees her from the
beginning; it creates more impact and draws attention to the extremity
of her feelings and emotions. Antigone also illustrates one of the
central themes of this tragedy, which is the position of women; she
upsets gender roles and hierarchy, and disturbs the fundamental rules
of her culture. She is also heroic and scarifies her life. All these
traits of character contribute to create sympathy for her and make her
stand out. Sophocles always presents her as a victim and thus she
benefits from a special status, which makes us readers, appreciate her
more than the other characters.

From the opening of the play Antigone appears in a difficult position,
she is outside the gates and shares with her sister Ismene all the
suffering she has to go through. Indeed, their family has been cursed
for generations and two simultaneous deaths just hit them, their
brothers have died in a war against each other. This implies that
Antigone's life is full of misery and provokes in the reader a
sentiment of pity for her. This is emphasised by the fact that one of
Antigone's brother cannot be buried and she will try to break the laws
to do it. She wants to honour her family, is stubborn and refuses to
give in to adversity under any circumstances, which is ...

... middle of paper ...

...oses to die instead of obeying state laws. It
highlights her unique personality and the fact that she is
individualist. Creon has indeed been punished for not understanding
the fine line between these two. Again, we are more attracted to her
side since we can more relate to her and her choice which is somehow
selfish but heroic and unfortunately fatal.

Thus, in this play, Sophocles attributing the role of both protagonist
tragic hero creates sympathy for his main character Antigone. Creon
flaws are even more stressed and Antigone's bravery admirable. The
contrast between them makes Antigone's human qualities stand out. The
audience cannot but feel sympathy for her and despite her death, she
somehow "triumphs" since she takes away with her Creon's son Heamon
and Eurydice and Creon ends up alone as a tyrannical leader.

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