The Different Management Theories Used Within Bodyshop and McDonalds Essay

The Different Management Theories Used Within Bodyshop and McDonalds Essay

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The Different Management Theories Used Within Bodyshop and McDonalds


The aim of this report is to show the different types of management
theory's and how they are now used in Bodyshop's and McDonald's
business to day.

The different management approaches

In this section I will list the different approaches to management and
explain what they mean. Also I will state the advantages and
disadvantages for each approach.

Scientific management is the most influential theory in production
line businesses during the first two decades of the twentieth century
and is still widely used to day. Scientific management was thought up
by an American called Fredric Winslow Taylor (1856-1915). His theory
consisted of 5 principles. These were:

1. An understandable dissection of tasks and responsibilities between
management and the workforce.

2. Use of scientific methods to establish the best way of undertaking
a job.

3. Scientific selection of the employee to execute the newly designed
job in the way specified.

4. The training of the selected employee to perform the job in the way

5. Enthusiastic co-operation with the workers to ensure that the work
was performed in accordance with scientific management. This was
helped by the use of economic incentives.

One of the most famous people to use Taylor's idea was Henry Ford, as
by using scientific management he was able to construct one of the
first, efficient, mass production factories for his cars. The idea was
that each worker would be given one job and when they had done theirs
the car would move along the conveyer to the next employee to com...

... middle of paper ...

...eholder driven. This means it Look's more at making a profit than
how to keep staff happy and in the diction making loop of the

For Bodyshop to improve it needs to go back to its employees and get
them more involved in dictions at their store. Also it could give
staff free samples of new products that they are bringing out, as when
a customer comes in and enquires about it they can pass on the own
experience of the product.


From this report I have seen that both Bodyshop and McDonalds have
changed there management styles around. In McDonald's cases they
started off being customer orientated and didn't look at their staff
needs, but now have a more balanced approach. Whereas Bodyshop, who
had a very good relationship with its employees, changed to become
more interested in its profits.

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