Chapter Four of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Essay

Chapter Four of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Essay

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Chapter Four of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

The novel, 'Frankenstein' written in 1816 approaches many key issues,
which were as relevant then as they are today. At the time there were
many scientists who were experimenting in the area of making life, and
Shelley addresses this as the main point of her novel. The novel is
still as popular as it was in 1818 (when it was first published) due
to the way it discusses issues, such as prejudice and parent/child
relationships, which are still relevant to modern society.

The novel was written my Mary Shelley when she was challenged to write
a horror story. Shelly was a part of the Romantic Movement and much of
the scenery she describes reflects this. An example of this in volume
two, chapter two, in which Shelley describes the scenery as sublime.
Many of the storylines also seem to describe some of her personal
turmoil, such as the death of her mother. This mirrors Frankenstein's
experience in the novel. She also did not get on with her step-mother,
so this type of relationship may have inspired the type of
relationship Frankenstein is seen to have with the monster. This theme
of parent/child relationships plays a big part in the novel, and I
will discuss this in my essay. I will also discuss the main themes of
prejudice and justice.

This essay focuses on the way in which chapter four bring together all
the main points of the novel. Shelley first sets this scene by saying,
"on a dreary night of November". This use of pathetic fallacy
immediately makes the creature's horror seem inevitable. We can begin
to fee the tension that victor Frankenstein is feeling as he builds up
to the 'bir...

... middle of paper ...

...ds the monster, and ho he is
made to feels that revenge is the only thing he can do. The actual
genre of the novel, not only relates to the murders, but also to how
the injustice and prejudice makes the creature feel. Mary Shelly used
the novel to express her opinions. Her upbringing as a Romantic may
have affected how Frankenstein believes the only beautiful things can
be great. Romanticism is also linked to how nature inspired powerful
feelings in people, and so this may also reflect on the way the
characters feel in the novel. Although, she may have thought prejudice
was wrong and so wrote about that in the novel. I think that Shelley
wanted her novel to influence others, make others reject prejudice and
bias and the neglect of a child. The novel does this well, and is
still as influential today as Shelly had hoped.

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