The Treaty of Versailles was Too Harsh on Germany Essay

The Treaty of Versailles was Too Harsh on Germany Essay

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The Treaty of Versailles was Too Harsh on Germany

I think that the treaty of Versailles was harsh on Germany because
even though they were a part of the war, so were the allies, yet they
didn't take any blame for the war. The French wanted revenge and
Wilson wanted peace. These two, conbined, still made a harsh treaty.
Lloyd George tried to get a 'halfway point' between the two but ended
up going mostly to France because that was what the British people
wanted. The blank cheque that was given to Germany was like putting a
blindfold over their eye, but they had no way out. All Germany could
do was hope that the 'big three', Lloyd George, Clemenceau, Wilson,
would take pity on them, so they also lost their pride and dignity,
which the German people hated.

The German argument over the 6,600 reparations that was told them in
1921, was that they had no money to pay it. They had also a lot of
damage as the Allies, so they would go bankrupt, which they later did.
They had no air force, submarines or tanks, the navy limited and the
army only had 100,000 men, and this German argument was they had no
means to defend themselves from attacks, which may come. The German's
anger was not good and Lloyd George thought that in later years this
treaty would bring about another war. The French wanted the rhineland
to go to them but the treaty settled on being demilitarised, the
Germans opposed this idea as well, and I agree, the Germans could not
defend themselves if attacked and innocent civilians would die when it
could have been prevented. They lost lots of their Empire and all of
their colonies in other parts of Europe but mostly civilians lived...

... middle of paper ...

...rices were
inflated. They went bankrupt within a few months. France by this time
had had enough, so they invaded Germany, looking for money. Britain
and America did not get involved, they refused. The Germans got even
more angry with this but sill they couldn't do anything about it.

Looking back on my research I still feel that the treaty of Versailles
was very harsh. Even though I feel that France were in some ways right
in their pursuit of justice. It built up revenge on Britain, France
and the USA, which would be dangerous in a few years. If the treaty
had been kinder to the German's then there wouldn't be so much anger
built up over the years. This treaty could have been a main factor why
the Second World War started, therefore I agree with the statement but
I feel that Germany were treated fairly to some extent.

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