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The Term Genre Essay

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The Term Genre

The term genre is used to specify different medium of there style. For
example people will recognise a comedy film because it will be funny,
also there will be funny actors like Will Smith. Genre is specified
into sections e.g. music, television, and films. Genre also helps us
to make sense of the media, not forgetting producers can use genre to
aim at a particular audience, to allow them to choose their favourite
genre, to avoid things you dislike. Finally it can tell us about the
audience. I will now show you what I mean about genre and I hope you



Soaps are televisions programs. They show us what happens in our
everyday life and it usually finishes with a cliffhanger. Examples of
TV soaps are East-enders, Coronation Street, Holly-oaks, Family
Affairs and Brook-side. Soaps are usually exciting, local in certain
areas, on in the evenings, funny, serious, and scared actors,
dramatic, explosions, death, affairs and criminals.

Quiz Shows

Quiz shows are very interesting. They teach us general knowledge.
Examples of television quiz shows are who wants to be a millionaire,
The weakest link, Count down, Brainteaser and Test the nation. They
are usually smartly dressed, clever, starts off with easy questions
then gets hard, some jokes, once every week day, big money to be won,
some times celebrities are on, and you have to be over eighteen.

Children Programs

Children programs usually come in the morning. I know some grown ups
who he still watch children programs, some of there song...

... middle of paper ...

...r, Ruben studdard, Mario winans and B2K.
This involves slow tempo, keyboards, guitar, love.


Hip-hop rappers are usually black. The only white rapper I know is
eminem. Hip-hop rappers are twista, dmx, tupac, the notorious B.I.G,
and busta-rhymes. They rap about their past, the cuss each other, they
rap from the top of their heads (freestyle).


Garage music are mostly played when you go clubbing. Examples of MC's
are Wiley, dizee rascal, lethal-B , nappa and shiesty. This involves
fast beats, positive or negative lyrics, fast rapping, everyone
getting hyped.

Rock n Roll

Examples of rock bands and artists are busted,mcfly, guns and roses,
REM, and Elvis. This involves electronic guitars, jumping up and down
on stage, throwing yourself onto the crowd, nodding your head up and

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