The Word Name and Its Significance in Arthur Miller's The Crucible Essay

The Word Name and Its Significance in Arthur Miller's The Crucible Essay

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The Word Name and Its Significance in Arthur Miller's The Crucible

In 'the crucible' Abigail Williams, Samuel Parris and John Proctor all
mention the importance of their name. In this essay I am going to take
each character in turn and point put parts in the play where they
mention the importance of their name and explain it.

Everyone in this world has some sort of name that they go by, whether
it be their real name or a nickname. Most people's names are placed
under a category which is usually good or bad. Have you ever heard
that phrase " that name sounds familiar? Most people like their name
to be remembered in a good way by being a hero or just by being good.

John Proctor exemplifies the importance of a strong name through his
actions and choices throughout the play; most significantly the fourth
act when he chose death over disgracing his name.

John Proctor is a farmer in Salem and a husband and father of three.
Family life and friendship is very important to John Proctor. He
quoted ' Because it is my name…. I lie and sign myself to lies… I have
given you my soul; leave me my name'. This tells us that he doesn't
want his name being ruined and is concerned about his children growing
up with a bad reputation because of him. He has very strong belief's
that if his name is blackened there is no reason to live. John Proctor
also chose to die because he could not double cross his friends, the
fact that he has three children, John could not raise his children to
walk like men in the world if he himself was not a true man. Therefore
for the sake of his name, reputation and his children. John's decision
to die is the right one. ...

... middle of paper ...

...evil. She manipulates
throughout the play and in the court she carries on manipulating even
after Mary Warren confesses.

In the play she says 'My name is good in the village - I will not have
it said my name is soiled'. This shows she does care about her name.
When she realises she has power she doesn't care about her name.

She really loves John but hates Elizabeth and wants to get rid of her
so she can be Proctor's wife. Her jealousy of Elizabeth is so strong
she accuses Elizabeth of conducting with the devil. When John hears
about this he feels much stronger towards Elizabeth and doesn't want
anything to do with Abigail ever again.

I think Abigail Williams is a very strong-minded and spiteful girl who
manipulates all the time and thinks she can do anything and get away
with it because she is Parris's niece.

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