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James Bond Movies

I think that the writers intensions when he created James Bond was
that he wanted him to be a man who could get out of any situation and
is irresistible to women, he also wanted him to be a secret agent who
has all these interesting gadgets.

The first film that I will be reviewing is Goldeneye. Goldeneye was
released in 1995. The storyline for Goldeneye is that the Russian
mafia has a space based weapons system called goldeneye. Its up to
James Bond to save London from this, on his way he runs into
characters such as a beautiful computer programmer (Izabella
scorupco), a former partner (Sean Bean), a wise cracking CIA agent
(Joe Don Baker), an ex KGB officer (Robbie Coltrane), and a psychotic
woman who likes squeezing men between her legs (Femke Janssen). Pierce
Brosnan is supported by an interesting group of actors, but the
spotlight is always on him. The stunts used in goldeneye are "comic
book like stunts at an appropriately absurd level." An example of one
of the stunts used in Goldeneye is when James Bond takes a leap of
faith onto a very hard truck. Goldeneye has a mixture of humor,
interesting locales, high- speed chases, explosions and action. Some
of the special effects used in Goldeneye are when the radar at
Severnaya blows up and the CIA Cessna being shot above Janus's base.
The women that are used in Goldeneye are Xenia Onatopp, Natalya
Simonova, Miss Moneypenny, Irina, and Caroline. James Bond is made
appealing to women and he sleeps with at least one woman in each of
his movies to the envy of men. Humor is used in all of James Bonds
movies. James Bond likes to have a joke while his life is in da...

... middle of paper ...

equally entertaining as "from Russia with love." Goldfinger takes the
Bond films in a slightly different direction.

People are still attracted to the James Bond films. James Bond is like
a superhero. All of the James Bond films have been a success, and
James Bond films are still being made now because of how successful
James Bond has been. All of the films are exciting and some of the
parts make you feel tense. What has made their appeal enduring is the
Bond girls and James Bonds charm to the women. The James Bond films
have a bit of humor in them and are not just all action throughout the
whole film, and all of the James Bond films have romance in them. The
James bond films have become more entertaining over they years because
of the new and exciting gadgets that James Bond gets, and of course
the flash cars.

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