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Taming of the Shrew Character Profile Essay

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Taming of the Shrew Character Profile

· Romantic comedy

Time and place written

· Around 1592, London

Date of first publication

· 1623


· The overall tone of the play is light and comic, though the
exploration of larger social questions, such as the proper relation of
the sexes in marriage, lends much of the comedy a more serious tone.

Settings (Time)

· Unspecific, though presumably sometime during the Italian

Settings (Place)

· Padua, a city-state in Italy prominent during the Renaissance

Major conflict

· Petruccio's attempt to "tame" Katherine; that is, to assert his
authority in their marriage and overcome her hotheaded resistance to
playing the role of his wife

Rising action

· Petruccio and Katherine's early verbal conflicts; Katherine's many
scenes of shrewish behavior, including her attack on Bianca; the
various disguises and subterfuges of the subplot; Katherine and
Petruccio's comical wedding


· There is no single moment of intense action in the play, but rather
a long process of development culminating in Katherine's fully changed
behavior. It might be possible to see a climax in the wedding scene in
Act III, or in Katherine's decision in Act IV to submit to Petruccio
when he says the sun is really the moon, or her agreement to throw
shame to the winds and kiss him in the middle of the street in Act IV.

Falling action

· The banquet at Lucentio's house in Act V, scene ii


· Marriage as an economic institution; the effect of social roles on
individual happiness


· Disguise; domestication; fathers and ...

... middle of paper ...

...ass young maidens-in-waiting. At the very least, they are
supposed to occupy these roles-but, as the play shows, in reality,
Kate wants nothing to do with her social role, and her shrewishness
results directly from her frustration concerning her position. Because
she does not live up to the behavioral expectations of her society,
she faces the cold disapproval of that society, and, due to her
alienation, she becomes miserably unhappy

Kate's development over the course of the play is basically determined
by her gradual adaptation to her new social role as wife. She complies
with Petruccio's humiliating regimen of taming because she knows on
some level that, whether she likes the role of wife or not, she will
be happier accepting her social obligations than living as she has
been at odds with everyone connected to her.

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