The Dramatic Importance of the Role of Alfieri in A View From the Bridge

The Dramatic Importance of the Role of Alfieri in A View From the Bridge

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The Dramatic Importance of the Role of Alfieri in A View From the Bridge

First performed in 1956. Arthur Millers play 'A view from the bridge'
was originally set in the 1940's and started life as a one act verse
before Arthur Miller converted it to a two act play to enhance and
make it more enjoyable for the audience of today. In the title 'A view
from the bridge' Arthur Miller is referring to the Brooklyn Bridge
which used to be the largest cable bridge in the world and its main
purpose is to separate Manhattan from the slums of Brooklyn such as
Redhook. One of Arthur Miller's main intentions for writing this play
was to show that it is still possible for all the pressures and
problems of the modern world while encountering the difficulty of how
to deal with the responsibility of individuals as seen in Greek
tragedies. This was a big aim for Arthur Miller's play to have made a
Modern Greek tragedy with all the main ingredients of one. These main
attributes for a Greek tragedy can all be seen in 'A view from the
bridge' and some of these include the chorus who is in the form of
Alfieri while other aspects include the antagonist, a catastrophe, a
prologue, a protagonist and the destiny of fate and are all fixed on
the characters. During the prologue which is in the form of a long
speech to the audience (a soliloquy) by Alfieri which sets the
background to the play but also manages to give the play a sense of
inevitability of the events that are about to take place by Alfieri's
clues and hints but also by some of the vocabulary he uses such as
"destiny" and the references he makes to beatings up of lawyers and Al
Capone; the famous 19...

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...lfieri in telling the truth, he also make it clear to the audience
that he was "Powerless" in "stopping the run of blood on it's course".
A very contrasting issue with Alfieri and the characters around him is
his use and knowledge of the language. The fact that he speaks
Standard English makes him stand out in the play and this tells the
audience that he has been well educated, something that the other
characters lack. Eddie is a prime example of this plus it can be seen
in his struggle to express himself and his emotions fully to Alfieri
who helps him on the way. The presence of law and justice is always in
the minds of the audience and Alfieri always reminds them of this as
he is a lawyer even in extended periods of action when we forget that
Alfieri is narrating but somewhat see him as another character in the

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