Character Study of Iago in William Shakespeare's Othello Essay

Character Study of Iago in William Shakespeare's Othello Essay

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Character Study of Iago in William Shakespeare's Othello

In 'Othello', Iago works to bring about the downfall of the characters
that he hates, particularly Othello and Michael Cassio. In order to do
this, he uses not only the weaknesses of his victims, but their
strengths and good qualities as well.

Iago says this about Desdemona:

"So will I turn her virtue into pitch,

And out of her own goodness makes the net

That shall enmesh them all" (Act 2 Scene 3)

Iago's victims have virtues, which he uses to undermine them and plot
their downfall. Othello is a noble and heroic gentleman. He is open
and honest. He has a trusting nature and he is romantic. Othello is a
brave person who is not person of words but sorts problems out by
fighting or by action.

Iago says: "The Moor is of a free and open nature,

That thinks men honest that but seem to be so,

And will as tenderly be led by the nose as asses are" (Act 1 Scene3)

Othello is courageous and fearless.

"The Moor, nowbe't I endure him not,

Is of a constant, loving, noble nature" (Act 2 Scene 1)

Othello has self-control over his passionate nature. When it breaks,
nothing can stop Othello's rage. Othello is quick thinking and

He decides and acts instantly, without reflection.

Desdomona has loyalty for her friends "Makes her plead for Cassio's
reinstatement and therefore increases Othello's suspicions of her

Desdemona: I assure thee,

If I do vow a friendship,

I'll perform it to the last article (Act 3 Scene 3)

Desdemona has kindness and goodness, which makes her unsuspecting of
Iago's evil plans.


... middle of paper ...

... respect him a lot.

Cyprus is a rough and tough place. We know this because Othello's life
disintegrates and everything falls apart. There are murders and
drinking. There is no justice in Cyprus. It is a chaotic area.

People lose their jobs and reputation. There's always fighting and
Cyprus is under attack by the Turks.

Cyprus is therefore a good setting for Iago to do his mischief because
there is no law and order in Cyprus. It is easier for him to do it in
Cyprus than in Venice. Justice does not exist in Cyprus because it is
a chaotic place.

The play Othello includes different themes like love, trickery,
jealousy and racism. It gives a negative view of the human race. It
seems to suggest that people's positives and their good qualities not
only protect but also makes them vulnerable to the attack of evil.

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