Essay on Christianity And Infertility

Essay on Christianity And Infertility

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Christianity And Infertility

In this coursework (essay) I will be talking about the Christian
attitudes towards infertility treatments and explain that there are
different views on this subject and why. But because there is nothing
in the Bible specifically about these treatments, I will have to do
some research about it and try to get different Christian views on
this subject. However there some teachings in the Bible that can help
us to understand Christian views on these treatments. I will try to
get two different views on these treatments.

The Bible teaches Christians that all life is sacred, because it's a
gift from God. It also teaches the Christians that life should not be
destroyed, that God has a plan for every human life, that life is
God-given, that human life is gracious and that all life deserves
respect. There isn't anything in the Bible specifically about the
subject of infertility, but it does have advice and examples of people
who were also infertile. The first and foremost thing is that in the
Old Testament children are seen as a gift of God and as a blessing,
mostly as a gift of obedience. On the other hand, it is also seen as a
curse and a cause of great pain and suffering. There is no specific
teaching in the Bible about infertility treatments because at the time
the Bible was written medical science and these treatments didn't
exist. If people are childless it's because God wanted it to be that
way. There was nothing that could be done about it and it had to be
accepted - even though childlessness was looked upon with disfavor in
Jewish society. Abraham asked of God, "What good will your rewards do
me, sinc...

... middle of paper ...

...o is a human being as should be treated that way but the other
is saying that , even though they are to be treated with respect, they
don't have moral values so should be dealt with as they use to.

In the end there are different views on this issue and mostly they are
divided into two groups; the Roman Catholics; and the other Christian
Churches. The Roman Catholics Church is opposed to all infertility
treatment as it often involves the destruction of some embryos; it
involves the activity of masturbation and denies the right of every
child to know the identity of both parents, but most churches today
accept IVF and AIH as being acceptable, because childlessness is no
longer viewed as being God's will. I believe that this is wrong
because everything that happens is because of God's will, which
includes childlessness.

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