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The Real Cause of the French Revolution For hundreds of years historians have tried to find out the real cause
of the French Revolution, and they have come up with hundreds of
varieties different reasons as well. Spread over the ten-year period
from 1789-1799, the French Revolution was initiated by disagreements
over the peoples' ideas of reform. Seeking equality, liberty and
wanting their voice to be heard, the Third Estate played a major role
in determining the future of France in ten years time. Linked with
elaborate disputes among the people, hatred toward their beautiful and
ignorant queen, Marie Antoinette, the starvation that spread over
France and their involvement with the American Revolution - the French
Revolution was, indeed, a strange and a marked time in the world
history. Nevertheless, is it really possible to know what really
happened during the ten-year period, and to find out the real cause of
the occurrence of the French Revolution?

During the eighteenth century, social classes played an important role
in the lives of the people. The French society was legally stratified
by birthrights and was divided into three classes: the First Estate,
the Second Estate, and the Third Estate[1]. Each social group had a
varied type of people within their structure, which presented the
different views of the people. The First Estate was the clergy,
numbered around one hundred thousand people. The clergy was made up of
two groups: the higher clergy and the lower clergy. The higher clergy
had a very luxurious life, but however, t...

... middle of paper ...

... exact cause of
where the idea of the French Revolution came from, because it is
impossible to go back in time. In conclusion, the opinions stated
throughout this essay are as seen from a perspective of what really
happened and what might have caused it during that period of time, and
is certainly not the exact truth of what had happened.




[3] Travels in France, Arthur Young.






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