The Presentation of Nature in Robert Frost's Poetry Essay

The Presentation of Nature in Robert Frost's Poetry Essay

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The Presentation of Nature in Robert Frost's Poetry

Many of Robert Frost's poems contain the vital ingredient of 'nature'.
Frost uses nature as a metaphor, primarily, in his poems to express
the intentions of his poems. He uses nature as a background metaphor
in which he usually begins a poem with an observation of something in
nature and then moves towards a connection to some human situation. He
uses rural landscapes, homely farmers and the natural world to
illustrate this human psychological struggle with everyday situations
that we seem to experience.

Frost uses blank verse in "The Wood-Pile" by using an iambic
pentameter. This is very typical of Frost in his nature poetry. We get
this use of iambic pentameter in "Mending Wall" and "After
Apple-Picking". In "The Wood-Pile", some lines are blank verse, "To
warm the frozen swamp as best it could" However, other lines present
more stress and great irregularity, as in line 26, with its six
stresses and spondaic emphasis on this year's snow, "No runner tracks
in this year's snow looped near it."

In "The Wood-Pile", the speaker sees a bird, which eventually leads
him to the wood-pile. Frost then uses his sense of ambiguity, which he
does to most of his poems. In "The Wood-Pile", the speaker is in
effect taking nature (the bird) as personally communicating with him,
as if nature were concerned with what decision he makes, go back or
keep going on? Perhaps then Frost wanted the reader to convey the
decaying wood-pile as the depth of nature's concern.

The poem sees a man walking through a frozen swamp. He is stuck in a
decision of whether to go ahead or not, nature is forcing him...

... middle of paper ...

...and recycled bits of poetry. The
interpretation of 'sleep' could be the 'Final sleep' as the sleep of
Woodchuck is the sleep of winter, which metaphorically, in the
language of seasons, has strong associations with death.

In general, nature is described with affection, yet none of the nature
poems are free from hints of possible danger. However, Frost, when
using nature, in his descriptions, is convincingly real. One can
picture the situation; perhaps even feel the 'warmth' of the fire in
"The Wood-Pile". Whichever way you see it, it is evident that nature
plays an important role in Frost's poetry and "The Wood-pile" proves
this and is a typical example of many of his other poems involving
nature, with its blank verse that Frost has created to be his own
using his symbolic language to make the poems more speech-like.

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