The Theme of Dishonestly in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman Essay examples

The Theme of Dishonestly in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman Essay examples

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The Theme of Dishonestly in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman

'Death of a Salesman' was written by Arthur Miller in 1949. It is set
in the American states of Boston and New York during the 1930's great
depression. The American great depression was the greatest economic
collapse in the modern world. Businesses and banks closed their doors,
people lost their jobs, homes, and savings, and many depended on
charity to survive. Through this the 'American Dream' was created -
the idea of a 'perfect' life, where every man owns a business and has
the prefect family with the perfect house.

'Death of a Salesman', tells the story of a travelling salesman, Willy
Loman, who experiences frustration and failure as he reflects upon his
life. In the play Arthur Miller tries to present the theme of
dishonesty by the means of the characters, language and the stage

The characters in the play are important in creating the theme of
dishonesty. I am firstly going to be looking at them and how
dishonesty is represented through them. The main characters in the
play present the theme of self-deception in where the fail to
recognise the truth, usually because it would be painful and difficult
for them to handle. They also lie to each other. The main characters
in the play are Willy Loman, his wife, Linda, and his two sons Biff
and Happy.

Firstly, I will be focusing on the most central character in the play,
Willy Loman. Miller presents the theme of dishonesty through Willy
very early in the play. Willy lies about his job to most people
including his family. He lies about his earnings to Linda "I did five
hundred gross in Providence an...

... middle of paper ... back to when Biff and Happy are a
lot younger. Willy gives the boys a new punching bag.

Overall, the play provides a moral. This moral is that although white
lies can sometimes be good, people should make sure that they don't go
too far. We can see this throughout the book through the language,
stage directions, character and through the techniques of flashbacks
and motifs.

Lies play a central part in the play as the story is based around lies
and deception and without them there would not be a story. The lies
are eventually given away and truth is revealed when the characters go
too far with the lies. Also, the play focuses heavily on the idea of
the American dream isn't always possible and at times reality is
better, although that isn't what the characters in the play want to
hear and refuse to believe it.

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