A Reasoned Definition of the Term Globalisation Essay

A Reasoned Definition of the Term Globalisation Essay

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A Reasoned Definition of the Term Globalisation

Globalisation is an abstract concept. It does not refer to a concrete
object, but to (an interpretation of) a societal process. Therefore
the concept cannot be defined easily. For some, globalisation refers
to Americanisation, for others it is about the growing importance of
the world market, yet others use it to describe a cultural or an
ideological reality: globalisation as the victory of 'market plus
democracy'. For most authors, globalisation is a complex concept that
involves political, economic and social-cultural changes. The events
of September 11th instantly ricocheted across the world; this shows
that in the fabric of everyday life, as Immanuel Kant said we are all
'unavoidably side by side'. This does not merely apply to moments of
catastrophe, but in the trading arrangements, in the nature of
financial markets, in the emerging human rights regime, in the nature
of environmental change from ozone depletion to global warming, in
areas that are fundamental to human health, such as welfare, sexuality
and AIDS, etc. Furthermore, in this complex web of 'new agendas',
conflict and incompatibility are perhaps inevitable Thus;
globalisation is often seen not just as a 'one way process', but also
as a dialectal dynamic. This essay seeks to characterize
'globalisation', by investigating issues on the 'new agenda', and
anticipating its possible implications, in particular whether or not
we are on the edge of a global shift with massive political, economic
and cultural insinuations.

The term globalisation does however appear to capture elements of a
widespread perception that there ...

... middle of paper ...

...despite all the technological support available to it, cannot predict
its course. However, these developments pose very significant
questions for democracy since the expanding scale of which political
and economic power is exercised frequently escapes effective
mechanisms of democratic control. Democracy remains rooted in a fixed
and bounded territorial conception of political community. Yet
globalisation disrupts this neat correspondence between national
territory, sovereignty, political space and the democratic political
community; it enables power to flow across and over territorial
boundaries. If one thing is clear it is this: globalisation is not, as
some suggest, narrowing or foreclosing political options and
discussion; on the contrary, it is re-illuminating and reinvigorating
the contemporary political terrain.

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