Strained Relationships, Resentment and Indignation Between the Classes in Great Expectations

Strained Relationships, Resentment and Indignation Between the Classes in Great Expectations

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Strained Relationships, Resentment and Indignation Between the Classes in Great Expectations Great expectations is a profound story. It contains the theme of love,
desire, foolishness, the relationship between a family, and so on. And
the story also strongly represents social context and social force of
Dickens's time. Dickens provides us with scathing insight into the
social standard of the time. I'd like to consider English social class
of Great expectations.

The class system in England began with the introduction of feudalism
which followed the Norman Conquest of 1066, and it has been the social
standard for hundreds of years. The class system consists of an upper,
middle and lower class. These classes and the differences between them
are evident in the plot and interaction of the characters in Great
Expectations. Dickens depicts severely the English class system, where
the upper class is omnipotent, the middle class consists of those
envious of the upper class, and the hard workers of the lower class
who are unable to succeed due to their birth status. These injustices
are personified through Miss Havisham, Mrs. Pocket and Magwitch, and I
think they satirize the upper, middle and lower classes. Through
colorful narrations and descriptions, these characters indicate the
various classes of nineteenth century England.

Miss Havisham's lazy and indulgent nature is seen through Pip's many
vivid descriptions of her as he became progressively more embroiled in
Miss Havisham's games. Miss Havisham personified the idle rich, who
sat in her mansion, brooding ...

... middle of paper ...

...r class were
morally bankrupt despite their great material wealth.

The middle classes adored the aristocrats of the upper class and
sacrificed much self-dignity in order to be accepted by the upper
class. The lower class were laveled from birth as being of lesser
value than those of the upper and middle classes. The strained
relationships, resentment and indignation between the classes is
evident through the interactions of the characters in Great
Expectations. These characters represent each social class in England,
and the defining characteristics of the classes. Despite the ill
feelings between classes, at the conclusion of the book we learn that
happiness can be achieved on different levels, regardless of social
stature and class. Dickens's brave message is one of hope for a future
of greater social equality.

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