Essay about The Ideology of Media Blame

Essay about The Ideology of Media Blame

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The Ideology of Media Blame

For generations the media has been unfairly seen as the catalyst of
violence and crime with in society. The Media, particularly television
and film have been blamed for many atrocities over the years; some of
these can be indirectly related to the media's involvement on people's
lives. But some cannot. As a Media and Psychology student I have
different views on the debate of media blame. As a psychologist I can
understand the connection with the media and violence, i.e. violence
is a behaviour, which in theory, is learnt and repeated on another.
Therefore this behaviour must derive from a source. Which it can be
argued, could be a media text. But as a media student I can
deconstruct a text and assign different theories to it. Such as the
encoding/decoding model. Stuart Hall and David Morley centred on the
idea that audiences vary in their response to media messages. This is
because they are influenced by their social position, gender, age,
ethnicity, and occupation and also life experience. Therefore an
individual will decode a media text in a different way to another.
Creating various interpretations of the same text (i.e. preferred

The American senate office has concluded that the media, in particular
television "…influences children perception of the values and
behaviour that are common and acceptable in society". A study carried
out by the U.S. Senate office and the F.C.C. (Federal Communication
Commission) on television and the effect it has on children noted, "…
Children exposed to violent programmes at a young age have a higher
tendency for violent and aggressive behaviour".


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...d to comprehend. But
in doing so we come one-step closer to understanding contemporary
sociological living.



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