Start of The Renaissance in Italy During the 15th Century Essay

Start of The Renaissance in Italy During the 15th Century Essay

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Start of The Renaissance in Italy During the 15th Century

The word Renaissance means rebirth. It was a period when people
rediscoverd learning and looking back to the classical civilizations
of Rome and Greece for their inspiration. It was an exciting time of
new inventions and amazing discoveries, magnificent buildings and
beutiful art. My aim in this essay, is to explain why the Renaissance
started in Italy during the 15 century. In this essay I will talk
about; The growing wealth of Italy, divided Italy, the classical
period, humanists, trade and exploration.

The main reasons of why the Renaissance started in Italy during the
15th century were the growing wealth of italy because the history and
art of the Greeks influenced the Italiens, and the classical period
because the Italiens started to look at the art work from the Greeks
and Romans and they started to use art in a simular way. The Greeks
created major works of art, including dramaticc buildings and
sculptures, and had a great deal of influence on the Roman Empire
which took over from Greek civilisation. The Romans built impressive
public buildings all over Europe, like the Colosseum in Rome. Italiens
started to look around them and take interest and pride in what had
survived from the time of the centre of the Roman Empire. Their ideas
on art and architecture were influenced by art and architecture from
the classical period. Italian scholars began to take an interest in
these original manuscripts and learnt Greek from the Greek scholars.
Their interest was so great that they started to search for other
ancient manuscripts. These works opened up whole new areas of thought ...

... middle of paper ...

... poor maps and
navigation instruments and so rarely sailed out of sight of land. By
the 14th century there were new navigation instruments to work out
speed and distance. Sailors used compasses to tell which way they were
sailing. Astrolobe and cross staff were also invented to help sailors
navigate. Maps steadily improved. The Spanish and Portuguese were the
best mapmakers because they travelled the furthest afield.

I think that the main factors which spread the Renaissance were
divided Italy and the growing wealth of Italy because the history and
art of the Greeks and Romans influenced the Italiens, the classical
period because the Italiens started to look at the art and
architecture from the Greeks and Romans and they started to use art in
a simular way and trade because people began to want more luxury

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