Comparison of Repression Essay

Comparison of Repression Essay

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Comparison of Repression

I. Intro:

In the month of March, 2004, our English class read three stories.

We read: (1) "The Story of An Hour", (2) "The Sky is Gray", and

(3) "The Man Who Was Almost A Man". The three stories were not

only interesting, but had a common theme. All the stories showed

different examples of repression. Repression was shown by the focal

character in each story, the families and society.

II. Body

First, there was repression of these characters by themselves. In "The
Sky Is Gray", James has suffered with a prolonged toothache. He does
not want to worry his mother because he knows they have little money.
He exhibits a form of self-repression by not sharing this information
with his mother. In "The Man Who Was Almost A Man", we see a male
youth who is old enough to work but not allowed to manage any of the
earned money. He tries to find a way he can show people and himself
that he is a "man". He buys a gun and discharges it irresponsibly. He
kills his employer's mule.


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