Tony Blair's Approach to Power Essay

Tony Blair's Approach to Power Essay

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Tony Blair's Approach to Power

Since Labour came into power in 1997 Tony Blair has been criticised by
some for being the 'son of Thatcher'. Many say that labour is now
following the values and policies similar to that of a Tory government
and in particular a Tory government lead by Margaret Thatcher.

Before the time of Tony Blair and New Labour, the left wing party
stood firm on one value and that was socialism. More on Labours old
Values and policies

The conservatives on the other hand have very different policies or
not so different as some may argue. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
lead the conservative government from 1979-1990 and she made some very
radical changes that have stuck. After the Thatcher years there was no
turning back, some say that we are all Thatcherites now.

"Across the world governments are almost regardless of party
introducing economic reforms resembling the Thatcherite programme.
This suggests that Thatcherism in Britain was a necessary adjustment
to changing patterns in the world economy."

Thatcher attempted to introduce historically different policies and to
replace the cooperative policy style of British government. The most
important changes Thatcher made were economic and these policies were
three fold. Her first and probably most famous was an attempt to
change the structure of ownership. In the 1980's Thatcher privatised
nearly half of the services, which had previously been publicly owned
in 1979. The Thatcher government thought that doing this would
generate income helping to cut taxes. Although many labour supporters
thought that this would see services such as the railways going down...

... middle of paper ...

...ic no longer trust Tony Blair and
the labour government Butler is correct when he says; Tony Blair's
decision had 'significant implications'. This is reminisant to when
Margaret Thatcher took Britain to war in the Falklands (1982) because
she consulted no-one in her decision. Although there is one major
difference, the Falklands Island War, or more importantly the victory
of this war boosted Thatcher's popularity rather than suffering a loss
of popularity like Tony Blair.

Another similarity between Blair in Thatcher is there 'special
relationships' with the USA and in particular the USA presidents. Tony
Blair had his first meeting with Bill Clinton in May 1997

One thing that can not be ignored is the recent queen's speech. This
contained one very important and much debated issue that is university
tuition fees.

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