Evaluating Romeo as a Tragic Hero Essay

Evaluating Romeo as a Tragic Hero Essay

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Evaluating Romeo as a Tragic Hero

The first tragedy plays were written and performed by the Athenians in
Greece. During that time, gods and religion were very important in
Athenians' lives and so the plays usually revolved around stories
about Gods and people of high status such as kings. In the play,
'Romeo and Juliet', the story revolves around Romeo and Juliet who are
of high status as Romeo is the son of "Montague" and Juliet is the
daughter of "Capulets" who are "both alike in dignity." This makes
Romeo more of a tragic hero as the play is a tragedy. But his fall in
life does not involve the fate of the whole nation as in many tragic
plays so this could lessen Romeo being a tragic character as the play
is lacks this feature of a tragic play.

The language in tragedy plays is often dramatic and 'Romeo and Juliet'
often has characters speaking dramatic language. Romeo's language at
the end of the play is very dramatic and he uses metaphors and makes
death a "lean abhorrhero?heorhèd monster" that keeps Juliet "in the
dark to be his paramour." He makes death seem like a selfish thing,
which takes Juliet's life away from Romeo so that she can be its
lover. This is a very dramatic and cruel metaphor for death that Romeo
has used. Romeo says that the metaphorical death monster "hath sucked
the honey" of Juliet's "breath." Romeo describes death as a "bitter
conduct" for him, the use of sense of taste makes Juliet seem 'sweet'
and innocent if her breath was like honey. This would also make him a
tragic character.

Another feature of a tragedy play is the increasing speed of events
leading to the end of the play. 'Romeo and Juliet' ...

... middle of paper ...

... his life. I think a hero should not be inferior to his emotions
and should overcome them otherwise he cannot overcome fear, a feeling
that most heroes can overcome.

Even though Romeo sometimes shows physical qualities of a hero they
are not of major value, for example, he does not save a crowd of
people in danger. Most of the time, Romeo acts immaturely; he shows
this by getting married early and killing Tybalt without thinking
about the consequences.

I think Romeo is more admired as a romantic hero rather than a hero
who saves people from danger. He is a character that is liked by the
way he speaks but in general he does not take any physical actions
that are impressively heroic like. So, you cannot really call him a
true hero. Romeo is in a tragedy play and so is a tragic character but
not so much of a hero.

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