An Outline of Jewish Beliefs about the Qualities of God Essay

An Outline of Jewish Beliefs about the Qualities of God Essay

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An Outline of Jewish Beliefs about the Qualities of God

In this essay I am going to discuss the Jewish beliefs about Hashem
and what Jews think his qualities are. I will be using examples from a
famous religious scholar called Maimonides and quotes from the Torah
to give evidence for my answers.

Jews believe that God is omnipotent, which is to have unlimited power
or authority. In the 13 Principles of Maimonides, Jews believe that
Point 7 shows Gods unlimited power over humans and the universe. The
point explains how Moses experienced the presence of God through a
burning bush and how God revealed his purpose for the Israelites to be
taken to the Promised Land. This is a clear example of Gods
omnipotency. We can also see an example of Gods unlimited power in
Genesis 6, with the story of God creating a huge flood to kill every
human being, animal, or bird on earth. We also see Gods unlimited
power in the 10 commandments as God must be very powerful if he can
give such restraining orders and have people follow them. We also see
this in the Shema, as again God gives an order a whole race of people
follow. The above reasons therefore explain why Jewish people think
God is omnipotent.

In Judaism, God is also seen as being omniscient, which is to have
total knowledge. Jews believe this as at Yom Kippur we can see an
obvious example of God being omniscient as he knows every deed a man
does in his life which helps God to weigh up their good and bad. Jews
also feel Gods total knowledge in Psalm 139, "…when I was growing
there in secret you knew I was there", a quote from a man to God about
the time while he was growing inside his mot...

... middle of paper ...

...he Shema and in the Ten Commandments,
as God makes some very heavy demands on how Jewish people live their
lives. In point 5 of the 13 Principles of Maimonides as it states
another demand that God makes which is outlined by the phrase "Only
God must be worshipped" The second of these qualities is that God is
eternal, and this is most clearly stated in principal 4 of the 13
Principles of Maimonides.

Based on all the ideas discussed in my essay I believe that the main
qualities of God that Jews believe Hashem are, are omnipotent,
omniscient, omnipresent, personal, impersonal, transcendent, holy,
creator, monotheistic, immanent and also demanding and eternal. These
qualities have been decided by Jews due to passages from the Torah and
the Ten Commandments, which led to the writing of the 13 Principles of

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