Analysis of the Opening and Closing Scenes of Blade Runner the Director's Cut (1992)

Analysis of the Opening and Closing Scenes of Blade Runner the Director's Cut (1992)

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Analysis of the Opening and Closing Scenes of Blade Runner the Director's Cut (1992)

Blade runner a box office flop in 1982 but a 1992 re release hit set
Blade runner up to be one of the greatest films of all time. After
Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark there was a lot to live
up to for Ridley Scott but he failed to deliver.

The opening sequence begins with the producers of the film we have AOL
time Warner and the 'WB' logo. Shortly after this the credits begin.
'' a Michael Deely-Ridley Scott production''. After this for about 2
seconds there is silence then a loud boom synchronised with the title
''Blade Runner''. Then we have the scrolling prologue, which features
a gently flowing music, and then almost as in rhythm we hear this boom
again. The prologue explains the film maybe a little too much. The
words ''Blade runner'', ''Replicants'' were in red as was the opening
title. This symbolises that in a way these are connected. Maybe we
learn a little too much but this goes on. Once the Prologue has
finished there is another short blank silence and broken once again by
the boom now synchronised with the words 'Los Angeles, 2019', this
fades out and we get our first glimpse of the future.

We see a dystopic environment with oil refineries dominating the
landscape. This dystopia is a sign of what is yet to come. The
explosive sound of the flames comment on the distopic Hades landscape.
It makes us realise that this world is not real. It largely displays a
sense of unrealism. There is creative relationship, between the sound
of the flames and when we see them. We see the flames then
instantaneously hear them. On earth Lig...

... middle of paper ...

... be saying that Deckard now has a meaning in life through is love
and commitment for Rachel. ''blow the Gaff'' means to reveal secrets
about the world, as gaff does about the characters. At the end Deckard
picks up the unicorn and Gaff's words come back to him, ''too bad she
wont live, but then again who does'', he acknowledges these words as
we see him nod. He accepts these words with commitment, he knows that
in the end we all have to die so the little time we have should be
spent well.

What the film is saying is to be human you must be able to empathise
with others, who are different in the case the replicants. Deckard's
humanisation, occurs in the final scenes with batty, ''now you know to
live in fear''. Deckard goes into the lift there is a small fade out
then another boom the words 'a Ridley Scott production'.

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