Comparing Ways in Which Celebrities are Presented in Two Tabloid Newspapers

Comparing Ways in Which Celebrities are Presented in Two Tabloid Newspapers

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Comparing Ways in Which Celebrities are Presented in Two Tabloid Newspapers

I will be focusing on the representation of celebrities in two
newspapers, the Daily Mail and the Daily Star. I chose these
newspapers as one is a redtop and one a blacktop. The Daily Mail is a
blacktop, these are generally aimed at the higher classes as they
contain more challenging language, and are for perhaps more
intellectual people. From this newspaper I chose "£2m bland bombshell"
(3rd January 2004), an article on the recent successes of TV star
Linda Barker. The Daily Star is a redtop, therefore aimed at the lower
classes. It uses more simple, colloquial language, as this is
generally the language that is best understood by this social group.
From this newspaper I chose "TV Barrymore flees UK and £1.4m tax bill"
(also 3rd January 2004). The Daily Star also tends to play more on the
'male gaze' (Mulvey); this is where scantily clad women are shown in
order to attract more readers (generally males).

Both articles are obviously chosen and written to serve the purpose of
the newspaper, but sometimes they are written to serve the celebrity
as well. The newspaper has to write articles that interest the public,
or the papers will not sell. Andrew Collins' theory is that newspapers
often represent celebrities using a "compliance, manipulation and
exploitation" sequence with celebrities. This means that as they
becomes famous the newspaper back them and make them look as great as
they can, then as they become old news they turn on the celebrity and
try to represent them in a negative way, thirdly they exploit the
celebrities a great deal and will do almost ...

... middle of paper ...

...n image and the caption of it. A quote that supports this is
where it says, "Barrymore's career has self-destructed".

In conclusion, in both articles, neither celebrity comes across well.
It is definitely the papers whose interests are served in both, as
both celebrities offer an interesting story to read. It is quite
ironic that the Daily Mail says Barker gets too much coverage, yet
they wrote an article on her, therefore giving her more. Barrymore's
article does not represent him well and suggests that he is incapable
of being famous. Andrew Collins said, "Tabloids feed off the famous to
fill their pages". I believe this is very true, as even though they
exploit them, without celebrities, newspapers whose main stories are
to do with famous people wouldn't have much to write about, therefore
would not be as popular.

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