Essay on Assessment of the Methods Used by the Australian War Memorial

Essay on Assessment of the Methods Used by the Australian War Memorial

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Assessment of the Methods Used by the Australian War Memorial

The Australian War Memorial fulfils its aims by commemorating through
understanding. It promotes awareness of war through an extensive
historical collection of relics, a multitude of dioramas and hundreds
of historical accounts concerning all military conflicts that common
Australian soldiers have been associated with. As a result an
illustration of actual warfare is presented, not a romanticised ideal
so often related to military conflict. Through this, the memorial
establishes remembrance which in turn commemorates those that gave the
ultimate sacrifice for their country. Yet the memorial also honours
those that offered their lives through both symbolism, which is
evident in all buildings, and the commemorative area.

Throughout his extensive travels throughout battlefields of Europe and
Gallipoli as Australia's official war correspondent throughout the
First World War, Charles Edwin Woodrow Bean gained an insight to the
life of a fighter, be he a common soldier or high ranking General.
With this knowledge he established a dream to construct a war memorial
that would, 'explain to Australians what their men had done and what
they experienced in the war.' With this vision he asked not
historians, but the soldiers themselves to amass relics that they
found suitable in representing the war. By the Great War's end, tonnes
of material were shipped back to Australia, and they formed the
backbone in conveying the history of Australia's involvement in war.
Yet Bean, often recognised as the father of Australia's National
military museum, aimed to also 'set aside a place in Aust...

... middle of paper ...

...very one of its goals and more than satisfies Charles
Bean's description of the building as, 'Here is their spirit, in the
heart of the land they loved, and here we guard the record which they
themselves made.'


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