Defining Racism From a Chiristian Perspective Essays

Defining Racism From a Chiristian Perspective Essays

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Defining Racism From a Chiristian Perspective

Racism can be defined as prejudice against people of another race or
ethnic group. Prejudice means to pre-judge someone - making up your
mind on someone or something before you have all the facts. When
people are being racist or prejudiced, they use their views to
physically or verbally harm others who they see as to be 'different'
to them. The Church of England and Roman Catholic are both against
racism of any type.

Though it is known to be wrong, racism still frequently occurs and
thousands of people have died because of it. An example of a major
racist act is the Apartheid System in South Africa. The word apartheid
is Afrikaan and means 'separateness' or 'apartness'. There were laws
invented that made some forms of racism legal. It began in 1948. It
was where Blacks were banned from the best cinemas, buses, schools and
even hospitals. In 1985 it was made legal for all races to mix
socially, though all non-whites had to have an identity pass.
Apartheid eventually ended in 1994 because President Mandela's
government abolished it. These conditions were created though only 15%
of the population was white. There is also a group of anonymous white
people who are called the Ku Klux Klan. They cause a lot of misery and
show their prejudices in very violent ways. They would go round
killing and torturing blacks because they thought that it was right.

Racism to black people can be traced back to the 1800s when Black
Africans were sold as slaves to the wealthy Americans because they
were cheap labour. In 1979, the Race Relations Act was made so that
all races would be treated equally: -

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will make a bigger impact on people than peaceful protests and
therefore make people more aware

In conclusion I do not agree with this statement because by using
violence, I feel you are lowering yourself to their level of name
calling. Also I think that violence is primitive and that we should be
able to discuss things in a civilised way instead of arguing and


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