The Effectiveness of the Techniques Used in Film Trailers in Persuading Their Target Audiences

The Effectiveness of the Techniques Used in Film Trailers in Persuading Their Target Audiences

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The Effectiveness of the Techniques Used in Film Trailers in Persuading Their Target Audiences

Media is communication. The main purposes of media are to entertain
and to inform. Television, newspapers/magazines, adverts and the
internet are the most well known forms of media. Trailers are designed
to advertise the film, giving a good impression in a small amount of
time so that people will either go to see the film, or buy the film,
hence making money for the people involved. The trailers chosen were
'Charlie's Angles - Full Throttle' and 'Terminator 3 - Rise of the
Machines'. They were chosen because they had a large appeal and both
used a wide range of presentation techniques. The genres of the
trailers contrast, so other elements in the trailers such as target
audience and style of presentation would also be different.

The genre of 'Charlie's Angels' is action adventure/comedy. The target
audience is mainly females who can either relate to, or admire the
characters. It is a 'chick flick' and so would appeal to a
teenage/young adult audience. It would also attract a male audience
due to its sex appeal. This is perhaps an unusual target audience for
this genre of film, but due to the almost superhuman features in the
characters it works quite well. In this trailer the characters all
wear extremely stylish clothing; the stylishness of the film would
appeal to the young female audience because people in this group like
to be fashionable. The sex symbolism of the actresses is played on
quite a lot in the trailer using scenes of the angels in bikinis, and
of the girls dancing in the club at the start to appeal to the male


... middle of paper ... the most effective is 'Terminator
3'. The trailer is well constructed, and uses many different effects
to draw in an audience. I especially like the start, as the high angle
shot of the earth being bombed is attention-grabbing and has excellent
graphic quality, showing the high budget of the film. However, both
trailers are very effective to the right audience. 'Terminator 3'
earned $418.3mill. at the box office, while 'Charlie's Angels' only
earned $252.6mill., showing that overall more people went to see
'Terminator 3' at the cinema. This could be due to the success of the
trailer, or any other number of advertising strategies. Sex appeal
proves to be a very good way of attracting an audience, as it is even
used in a serious film such as 'Terminator 3'. In conclusion,
'Terminator 3' has the most effective trailer.

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