Essay on The Effect of Industrial Revolution on Britain

Essay on The Effect of Industrial Revolution on Britain

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The Effect of Industrial Revolution on Britain

"An industrial revolution is the term generally applied to the complex
of economic changes which are involved in the transformation of a
pre-industrial, traditional type of economy, characterized by low
productivity and normally stagnant growth rates, to a modern
industrialized stage of economic development, in which output per head
and standards of living are relatively high, and economic growth is
normally sustained."

CIPOLLA, C.M. (1975).

This essay will critically examine a number of reasons for the take
off of the industrial revolution in Britain. It will critically
explain a number of social changes which took place within Britain due
to industrialisation. The essay will then analyse the reasons why the
state and industry would wish to work together and will analyse the
consequences if the industrial system for the role of the state.

Rural Life & New Techniques

Life in rural England was hard. Poverty was rife. It was an effort to
make ends meet and people were looking for ways of easing the
pressures of the struggle to survive. Land enclosure had been taking
place for centuries, and only now was it showing signs of it having
had any real effect. The enclosures had allowed land to be reclaimed
from pasture (and had taken away the rights to land from the peasants)
so that it would eventually be in shape for production.

Along with the implementation of the new machinery came the incentives
gained from new idea on crop rotation and animal husbandry, a follow
on from the earliest of times when the first people settled with their
crops and their animals, claiming patches...

... middle of paper ...

from a pre-historic attitude to one of technological, commercial and
economical values. The revolution brought with it a fresh approach to
personal human ethics and to the way people look upon each other and
to the way the State viewed both.

The drive in technology created the beginnings of a societal structure
that was now able, at least in principle, to provide for its citizens.
The State had become paternalistic. The State was now looking towards
its people as being part of the communal set up, and not simply as
individual entities best left to fend for them selves.

The country had begun to pull together, and as a result was becoming a
nation of forward thinkers. This was the beginning of the welfare
state that has avoided definition since its inception following this
massive turnaround in British history.

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