Management of Bipolar Disorder in Adults and Diagnosis in Adolescent Children

Management of Bipolar Disorder in Adults and Diagnosis in Adolescent Children

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Management of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder when individuals experience
episodes of mania and depression. The medications used in treating
bipolar disorder have been effective when properly diagnosed, but
there is a risk of suicide while undergoing therapy. Treatments for
bipolar disorder our on the market but they can only treat the mania
or the depression, which is why the patient needs to be under
supervision. When a person does not follow the prescribed course of
treatment the risk of suicide increases. Another problem with bipolar
disorder is that it can be misdiagnosed in teenagers in going though

There are two forms of bipolar disorder, bipolar I and bipolar II.
Bipolar I is characterized by episodes of mania with periodic episodes
of depression. Bipolar II is characterized by episodes of depression
with periodic episodes of mania as stated in an article by Ross J.
Baldessarini and Leonardo Tondo in 2003. When patients ore in a state
of mania they tend engage in loose sexual activities, increased
spending, and unlawful conduct. Bipolar I disorder is usually
diagnosed in people during the early twenties as stated in 2000
article by Kim S. Griswold and Lind F. Pessar.

When a person realizes they have bipolar disorder they need to consult
a psychiatrist or psychologist for proper diagnosis. It is important
that the family, the psychologist or psychiatrist, and the family
physician need to collaborate so that the patient receives the best
possible treatment. "Medication is the key to stabilizing bipolar
disorder." For twenty years the only treatment recommended by the FDA
was lithium...

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... it can be misdiagnosed in teenagers in
going though puberty.


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