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The Spartans

The "Spartans," who were they, where did they come from and what did
they accomplish for Greece and, in time modern society. All these
questions I hope to answer in my investigation. I found the Spartan,
very interesting when I first encountered them in "The Odyssey" by
Homer, where we hear of "Helen of Sparta," the partner of both "Paris
of Troy" and his enemy and his city's enemy "Menelaus of Sparta."

The entire war in fact broke out because Helen ran away with Paris and
the whole of Greece was dragged into what at first was a personal
feud. Had this not happened none of the Odyssey would have taken place
and the old fable like story, as it seems to have developed, of the
giant wooden horse outside the city walls of Troy at the end of Trojan
war. Therefore, in only looking at one person in Spartan history we
can see how much the city affected our modern society.

Although Athens is one of the most interesting and exciting ancient
cities according to some modern scholars, interest in Sparta is
becoming greater and greater and this is clear by looking at such
recent TV series as Channel Four's "Sparta," researched and presented
by Bethany Hughes. In addition, I must add that it is not all of a
sudden this interest has occurred but it has gradually grown and more
and more books are being published all the time, debating the ways of
life in Sparta.

Where is Sparta?

Sparta is in the southern, mountainous regions of Greece. In addition,
as you can see from the diagram, it was, and still is, fairly close to
its neighbouring cities Mystras especially. [IMAGE]

In fact the word "Sparta" i...

... middle of paper ...

...ere very different and they weren't always
that similar to the Athenians, who are the most famous of the Greek
civilisations. The only thing that seems to have been the same all
through Greece was the fact they all worshipped the same Gods. These
Gods who are still fairly famous and interesting to the modern world.
And not just these, but in many things the Greeks have influenced us
very much and the Spartans very much influenced these Greeks so
although not always directly they did influence us very much and some
of their ways of live have become part of modern life nowadays. I feel
knowing a lot more on this topic I have not only increased my general
knowledge, but increased my interest in the Ancient Greeks. I also
think that the way in which I regard people and civilisations in
general will be in a different light.

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