Review of Small Business Operations Essay

Review of Small Business Operations Essay

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Review of Small Business Operations


1.0. I am a business consultant that has been approached by Asda Plc.
I have been requested to make an overall review/assessment of the
business operations that will enable the business to improve their
current and future operations.

Task 1

2.0. Asda is a Plc company which means it is quoted on the stock
exchange, which means

It must have a minimum of two shareholders; shares can be bought and
old with out

any restrictions, it also can appeal to the general public to buy
shares, it needs a certificate of trading to commence business and the
balance sheets and accounts to be presented annually to the Registrar
of Companies. Asda is part of a large multi-national organisation
called Wal Mart which can be found in all four corners around the

2.1. Asda main financial sources are their shareholders due to them
being on the stock exchange. They also use retained earnings and
existing capital for projects such as expanding across Britain, for
example new stores. Asda also like to get very involved within the
local communities where each of their stores is situated with events
such as the 'Asda's Big Read' and many other charity events that Asda
are deeply involved with.

2.2. Asda is main competitor in the British supermarket industry along
with other supermarket organisations such as Tesco's, Safeways,
Waitroes, Sainsburys and many others. This is a very competitive
market with market share as the main objective. Many of the firms are
always trying to undercut their competitors by offering lower prices.

2.3. Asda being a supermarket mainly sells a w...

... middle of paper ...

...rather than that of its competitors.


9.0. On a whole we believe that Asda is a company that is going
forward and with them recently joining the Wal-Mart family things can
only get better. Asda is a company that holds the consumers wants at a
centre piece of their objectives. Asda go all out to make sure that
any of their customers leave satisfied, with friendly staff to their
great valued products.

9.1. Asda also tries very hard for equality in their stores whether it
is job applicants or consumers such as disabled consumers. This is
very important to a successful business in the modern day with the
above issues being ever more present in the working and shopping
experience. Asda is very much an organisation that strives for the
'team effort' amongst its workers thus achieving its utmost potential.

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