A Hundred Years of Terror from the Ku Klux Klan Essays

A Hundred Years of Terror from the Ku Klux Klan Essays

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A Hundred Years of Terror from the Ku Klux Klan

During the third week of March 1981, a black man named Joeseph
Anderson was being tried in Mobile for killing a white police officer
in Birmingham; the jury of the trail came to a hung jury. This upset
Tiger Knowles, Province Klaliff of the United Klans of America, and
Henry Hays, the informal leader of the younger Klansmen of the UKA.
They felt that if a black man could get away with killing a white
police officer, than white men should be able to get away with killing
a black man.
So, Knowles and Hays decided to go on a mission, they were determined
to show Mobile that what happened in that courtroom was wrong. The two
were driving through in a black neighborhood to find a black man--any
black man-to perform their mission. The black man they found was a
young man named Michael Donald. They pulled up next to Donald as he
was walking on the side of the road. Knowles asked if he could tell
them how to get to Powell's, a local nightclub. When Donald approached
the car, Knowles showed him his .22-caliber pistol and told him to
stay quite. Knowles then got out of the car and forced Donald into the
car, then got in next to him. Hays then drove toward Baldwin County
along an old truck route by the paper mills. Knowles forced Donald to
empty his pockets onto the back floorboard.
"I don't believe this is happening. You can do anything you want to
me. Just let me go," Donald kept saying. Knowles asked Donald if he
had heard about the recent murders of black children in Atlanta.
Donald said he had. Knowles then threatened Donald with the murder.
Soon afterward, Hays pulled into an old garbag...

... middle of paper ...

...hey had to oppress others
to stay the best. They went to great lengths to be the "supreme race."
From intimidating to lynching and murdering innocent people, the
whites did what they felt they had to do to stay on top. This gave
them some sort of sick confidence. Every time in history when blacks
would rebel, or take one step further in their fight for acceptance,
the KKK and other whites would have an outrage. They would completely
go crazy and do whatever they could do to stop them. Most whites had
no remorse for other racial groups. Most whites were really living
with an extreme fear that blacks would take over. This is proved when
the depression happened, and whites thought blacks were taking all
their jobs. It's proven over and over again through out history.
Whites were simply afraid of not being supreme anymore.

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