Essay External Influences on Two Chosen Businesses

Essay External Influences on Two Chosen Businesses

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External Influences on Two Chosen Businesses


External influences are factors outside of the business that affect
the business, and it has no control over them.


Ikea have got many competitors nearby but this does not have a major
affect on them as they are constantly competing on prices, quality,
availability and their product range. They have got many different
competitors selling the same types of products as them; their main
competitors are B&Q, Homebase, Argos, DFS, and Toys R US. These
businesses are in similar markets and have a similar kind of product
range as Ikea.

With Argos Ikea mainly compete on furniture and DIY goods, which are
quite similar to Ikea's products. DFS are also competitors of Ikea;
with DFS Ikea compete on different types of furniture ranges. Toys R
US are competitors of Ikea as well, Ikea compete with Toys R Us on
ranges of children's toys. Ikea compete with B&Q on furniture and DIY
products. With Argos Ikea compete with most of the items that they
sell. With Homebase Ikea mainly compete on their ranges of DIY goods.
Ikea's biggest selling point is their great value for money deals as
well as their quality products.

Economic Conditions

Economic conditions look at the factors, which may affect people's
spending power and the amount of money which people have available to

The number of people unemployed in the UK is very low. This affects
Ikea because if the rate of people unemployed is very low it means
that Ikea may find it difficult to find workers for their stores. As
well as gaining extra customers as people will have less money
available to spend...

... middle of paper ...

...le and deliver products of a really high standard. There is
also more demand for their products so they have to work hard to
ensure that their products are up to the standard of what is required
from them.

Environmental Constraints

Lansing Linde tries to make sure that they are following the rules
while they are carrying out work and handling their forklift trucks,
they also try to make sure that any unused parts are recycled and used
in newer products. They must also be careful with the fuel that they
use to power the trucks so that their trucks aren't causing major
pollution when they are being operated. They must also ensure that the
machinery is safe for their customers so that accidents and injuries
can be avoided. Linde must also be very thorough and carry out many
tests before they market their products.

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