Designing, Using and Analyzing an Assessment Procedure Essay

Designing, Using and Analyzing an Assessment Procedure Essay

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Designing, Using and Analyzing an Assessment Procedure

For the purpose of this assignment the assessment procedure for the
Key Skills course will be looked at and evaluated.

The tutor/assessors, who are taking learners through the Key Skills
qualifications of Information Technology (IT), Communications and
Application of Number work in a single room resource centre, which
accommodates all three skills. The team of assessors rotate the
teaching of these subjects and are all dedicated to help the learners
increase their knowledge and understanding within each skill. It is
through this teaching that the learners will build their portfolio of
evidence and gain the skills which will take them on to the
examination stage. This examination process is overseen by another
team. These courses are very rigid in regard to the course materials,
as these have to be standardised throughout the Learning Resource
Centres which are spread across the country and abroad. This is to
assist in the internal and external verification process which takes
place on this site. The courses are fast track to accommodate the high
turnover of personnel through the school; this means there is little
or no room for experimentation.

The Application of Number skill is tutor led, as is the Communication
skill but to a much lesser degree. The Information Technology skill is
taught using course material which allows the learner to progress as
their knowledge increases. The course lasts for five days maximum,
depending on the prior knowledge of the learner. The group can be as
many as nine and they will be at different levels of knowledge, time
on the course, and st...

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