Policies of the Nazi Party and Hitler Becoming Chancellor Essay

Policies of the Nazi Party and Hitler Becoming Chancellor Essay

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Policies of the Nazi Party and Hitler Becoming Chancellor

I believe that the Nazi policies played a major part in the success
leading to Hitler's reign as chancellor. The Nazi policies were very
appealing to age groups of all generations; there were also a variety
of other reasons for the success of the Nazi party and its leader
Hitler, these included: the great depression, Hitler's own personal
ability and personality, the increase in support for the communist
party as well as the well organised propaganda campaign.

The Nazi policies were extremely successful and had a widespread
appeal across Germany. These policies were very appealing to the
middle classes, pensioners, nationalists, militarists and especially
the racists. The Weimar promised to create a strong government which
would bring out order and discipline out of the chaos and instability
of the depression. They promised to reverse the Treaty of Versailles,
create a better Germany, as well as regain Anschluss with Austria, and
find lebensraum in the East as well as restore German pride and
dignity which was a result of the humiliation of the Versaillespeace
settlement. The Nazis created many scapegoats to lay the blame on for
the problems which Germany had faced; these were people such as the
Jews, the November criminals and the weak Weimar government. But,
overall they offered solutions to Germany's problems such as jobs and
food for the starving.

The effects of the depression also played a major part leading to the
success of the Nazis and Hitler. This was when the stock markets
collapsed in America, whish led to a world economical crisis. The Wall
Street crash of ...

... middle of paper ...

... that they would be able to control him,
this proved to be one of the most terrible political miscalculations
in history.

In conclusion, I would say that I agree that the Nazi policies was one
of the most important factors in Hitler's rise to power however, there
are a variety of different factors which are as equally important. I
believe that all of the events which took place at the time had a
major effect and welcomed the Nazis into control. I also believe that
many people voted for the Nazis purely out of fear and that people
were afraid to speak up against the Nazis, fearing for their lives. I
also feel that if Von Papen and Hindenburg had not invited Hitler into
power and that they made a very big mistake by doing so, Germany's
history could have been rewritten and that the Nazi may never have
gained power.

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